Serve Day

We want to declare December 10th as Serve Day in honor of our founder, James T. Jones, Jr. This a day students are encouraged to complete an active of service. We honor the life, legacy, and future of the ministry that began over 25 years ago. Those of us connected to him through blood or by heart are commended for continuing life, though hard without him, building upon the strong foundation he laid. We are happy to be a part and prayerfully continue to work in the shadows of a great and hard working, faith believing founder.


We are determined to be essential and are open for families who still must work during this time. We are offering yoga and stress relieving programs for children and COVID-19 approved counseling for students and families via Facebook Live and Zoom. In addition, we have parterned with an organization that provides Elderberry syrup (immunity booster) to provide students with a dose of immunity booster per day to help prevent the spread of the virus amongst our students and population.

We have an on-staff sanitize-designated person who is responsible for bleaching and sanitizing all surfaces toys, materials and common areas each hour while students are present. We are assisting families that are not able to pay for childcare tuition at this time by helping them apply for programs through DHS. The child/student may attend as long as the parent can show an active schedule/assignment for essential-related work.

The Christian aspect of our school is to give everyone an understanding of God and His love for us. We encourage students to understand the foundations of God and what He means to us. We do not teach denomination, however, we teach the Bible as our standard.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accredited

Memphis Heritage Christian School (MHCS) is a registered 501(c) (3) serving the economically disadvantaged youth of all ethnic groups residing in Memphis, TN, the designated county seat for Shelby County.

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